Adam has been cooking for my family for at least 5 years.  I am not a cook nor have interest in being one, and when my children started to only eat chicken fingers I grew concerned.  Adam saved my children’s’ diet and taste.  Now at nine and 11, I have foodies.  He is always easy to work with and a pleasure to be around.  Always manages to produce healthy, good food in creative ways, and can pull something together for just the four of us or a party of 20. 
- Ann Daughety

Adam Tyner both simplifies and enhances my family's mealtime experiences.  His style is prepared, pleasant and calm, and his results are creative, consistent and delicious.  Whether my children and I request our favorite dishes, or Adam suggests one of his many tested meals, we enjoy a marriage of homecooked meals and expert culinary service.  Our diets are not restricted, but we know that our requests for organic as available and simple fresh ingredients to please all palates are met with enthusiasm as Adam never fails to whet our appetites for next week's experiences.
- Frances Thompson

Adam has proven to be a master in designing healthful, varied and delicious meals, handling everything from grocery shopping for fresh produce to post-cooking clean-up.  The pleasure of having Adam preparing meals in our kitchen allows us the convenience of ready-to-heat, genuinely home-made lunches and dinners with the presentation and quality of an upscale restaurant.   Each dish is personally tailored to our preferences for taste (spicy for me, bland for my wife), allergies (our little boy has them all), and nutritional needs (our family is vegetarian and I am an active athlete).   And at a per-meal price that generally beats significantly lower quality take-out, what may seem like an indulgence makes sense for anyone who likes to eat well at a reasonable price.  
- Mike Randall

I got Adam's services as a birthday gift and had to keep him!  Not 
only did he cook us healthy and delicious meals, but he did all the 
planning, shopping, and cleaning, too.  He was very professional and  friendly and my kids loved him.  You will not be disappointed!  I  wish we hadn't moved away from Austin because we need Adam here in California!

- Melissa Wilkinson